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I am trying to setup a website for an academic conference. I am confused about how to correctly setup registration types and roles. I created a couple of registration types - faculty, students, etc. However, when one registers for a conference using these roles, they are not assigned an “author” role by default. It seems to me that the user has to go to their user profile and check on “author” in order to be able to submit a paper. Is there any way by which all registration types are assigned an author role by default. The assumption here is that anyone registering for the conference would want to submit an abstract as soon as they create an account for themselves. Any help is much appreciated.



Hi @ctiwari,

When users register, they should be able to optionally select an Author role. Thereafter it’ll be available on the Profile form. Note that you can disable author self-registration in Setup, but it sounds like that’s not a problem for your conference.

We don’t pre-select the “Author” checkbox in registration because it’ll likely poison author lists – your list of authors will become mixed with users who didn’t read the form carefully. If you want to change that behavior, see e.g. this thread in our old forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello Alec,

I see the logic for why the registration form is setup the way it is. Thank you for the explanation. Also, the link that you provided is very helpful. We are hosting a small conference where almost everyone who attends is likely to present. The modifications suggested on the thread will probably work well for us.

Thank you very much for the reply and for the efforts in designing and developing this system.


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