OCS - Registration possible more than once

Dear all!

I’m using OCS

Since a couple of days I have a small but annoying problem.

People can register more than once for one and the same conference, even if the person already is logged in.

Another aspect is: if the registrant clicks on “Send notification of payment by Email“ on the summary page of the “Manual Fee Payment” (I only use this payment plugin), no Email goes out. Here it doesn’t matter, if the registrant registers for the first or second time.

I made a couple of changes in templates. Maybe this is the reason for it.

Please, can anyone give me a hint, why this problem could occur or which files are involved in the registration process, so that I could have a look on it?

Thanks a lot, Daniel

Hi @danielbrohm,

I haven’t looked at this code in a while, but that might be intentional, to allow registrants to alter their registration options.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

you are right! After confirmation the payment by registration manager a user can’t register again (makes sense)

Nevertheless, sending the mail by clicking the “Send notification of payment by Email“ message no mail is sended. I just removed the message, because I implemented all information in the summary page.

I also implemented an automatic invoice creation into the user account, so everything is fine.

Thanks again for your help!

Hi am new to OCS and am testing out what happens with manual payments.

I have also noticed the “Send notification of payment by Email“ option doesn’t appear to do anything and was wondering what it is meant to do - what the message is and to whom it goes to and whether it is linked to an email under templates. (Originally I thought it might be an email sent to the registrant reminding them they had enrolled but still had to pay for registration but can’t see an email template for this).

I am using OCS

Thank you

Hi @Tuwpub !

The registrant can basically send the payment “instructions” by clicking “Send notification of payment by Email“ to it’s registered EMail address. As you can see in this post it doesn’t work with my installation too. If it works in your installation, you can change the content of the EMail here: Conference Manager > Prepared Emails > “Manual Payment Information”

There is another EMail regarding the registration process. If the registrant already has payed, you (The Registration Manager) can check the box “Send the user an email stating that their payment was received.” here: Conference management > Registrations > ACTION → EDIT (registration)

Good Luck!

Thanks @danielbrohm that answered my question perfectly.

I would really like the reader to be able to receive that email, any advice @asmecher

Hi @Tuwpub,

The “Send notification of payment by Email” button should trigger an email to the registration contact, which is configured in setup in the registration policy form. If you’re not seeing this sent, I’d suggest checking your server’s mail delivery logs, or perhaps debugging in the code. The “notify” handling code should be triggered when this button is hit: ocs/ManualPaymentPlugin.inc.php at ocs-2_3_6-0 · pkp/ocs · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team