OCS problem in separating editorial emails and registration emails


In OCS (2.3.6) I’m trying to get the abstract submission emails to go to papers@myconf instead of registrations@myconf. Here is what my settings are:

User Home > Conference Manager > Website Management
Step 1. About the Conference
1.3 Principal Contact for Conference Website = manager@myconf

User Home > Conference Manager > Setup
1.3 Principal Contact for Scheduled Conference = registrations@myconf
2.1 Submission Process
Copies of acknowledgement email to submitter should go to the following:
[ ] The conference’s primary contact.
[x] This email address = papers@myconf

What is fine is that new registrations are sent to registrations@myconf but that email address is also getting abstract notifications. I really want all paper submission related emails to go to papers@myconf.

The email templates like SUBMISSION_ACK have a signature of {$editorialContactSignature} but I can’t see a way to customise via the GUI where the email is sent to or where the {$editorialContactSignature} can be set separately. In the emails that registrations@myconf currently get the email signature is the “Principal Contact for Scheduled Conference” i.e. registrations@myconf. What I need is a “Editorial Contact for the Scheduled Conference” or where in code to set this.


Hi @MikeL,

To change the recipients these messages go to, you’ll need to edit the code. The best way to locate the code is to determine what email key you’re working with (by looking in the “Prepared Emails” area and finding the message there), then searching the code for that email key. You should see something like…

 $mail = new PaperMailTemplate($paper, 'EMAIL_KEY_HERE');

…and near that you’ll see calls to $mail->addBcc, $mail->addCc, etc., which will determine the addressing.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team