OCS how to remove default form in track director page

When I use custom form review (actually always use this custom form), in the track director page, the default review form always appear and this is confusing.

Is it possible to remove it since I don’t use the default form? Which file that I can modify?

Regards, Waluyo

Hi waluyo,

See the templates/trackDirector/submission/peerReview.tpl and templates/author/submission/peerReview.tpl templates.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec,

For templates


I just put html tag comments at the lines that I don’t want to appear and put an additional text. I did not modify the codes.

Now the TD will not complain any more.

I did not touch another file


So far I don’t see any problems in the author account.

Regards, Waluyo