OCS Error 503 for director role


I found the following error in my OCS 2.3.6 while the conference director tries to load the submissionsAccepeted page:

Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Backend fetch failed

Guru Meditation:
XID: 137352889

Varnish cache server

Other director pages, as ‘archives’, ‘in review’ are loading ok.

Any help?

The error message indicates something to do with Varnish caching. This is a server component that (probably) stands in front of OJS in order to provide faster access, and is not part of OJS. Check with your system administrator, or with the Varnish community to debug this error.


Just to let you know that by reducing the number of itens exhibited per page from 100 to 25, my OCS was able to load the submissionsAccepted.