OCS authors hidden from track directors

Hi there!
I want to hide author field (that is sortable) from track directors
Is there any hack (css like solution) or whatever for this role?

Additionally I would like to add custom field in registration form only for reviewer role. Is there any easy solution?

Thank you for your help

Ok, I found myself a solution:
In \templates\trackDirector\submissionsInReview.tpl,
I disabled lines 18 and 42

line 18
{sort_search key=“paper.title” sort=“title”}

{translate key=“submission.peerReview”}

{translate key=“submissions.reviewStage”} {translate key=“submission.ask”} {translate key=“submission.due”} {translate key=“submission.done”}

{translate key=“submissions.ruling”}


{iterate from=submissions item=submission}

{assign var="paperId" value=$submission->getPaperId()}
<tr valign="top">

line 42