OCS : advices or experiences

I was asked to publish proceedings on a laboratory web site. On the PKP platform two softwares could be used for it : Open Journal Systems (OJS) or Open Conference Systems (OCS).

OCS seems to be better than OJS for that kind of job. Does anyone would have advice or experience with Open conference systems ?

Many thanks

Hi @th-blieck,

That is an interesting question. In some ways OCS is a better tool for hosting and managing conferences since it is built especially for that and has functions for managing conferences that OJS does not have. However, OCS is not currently being actively developed so its interface is less user-friendly and the front-end site design looks dated and isn’t mobile-responsive. If you only want to use the software to publish conference proceedings and not to manage a conference, it may be better to go with OJS. OJS is actively being developed and has a responsive, beautiful, and themable front-end and a lot of great features for managing and displaying content.

If you want to try out OJS and OCS to further evaluate them, you can visit the OCS demo site and the OJS demo site and access the test drive installations for each application.

There is also documentation about OJS and OCS on the PKP Help page that walk you through how they work.

Good luck,
Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team