OCS abstract words count + plugins and themes

1st thanks to contributors for those softs.

I’d like to know if there is a mean to count words in abstract frame during submission in OCS (with the number on the side of the frame)
I found ‘modifier.count_words.php’ in smarty/plugins, does it help ?

2 general questions from this problem:
I can’t find any information on plugins
How is it possible to modify templates/thems with a wysiwyg soft or interface

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is there a plugin or hack in OJS I could use ?


Hi @Charles,

To add a real-time counter to the side of the abstract field, you’d need to work with Javascript – Smarty templates wouldn’t be enough. You might be able to use something like this, if you can adapt it to work with TinyMCE controls:


I’m not aware of a WYSIWYG tool to work with Smarty templates. Generally a good developer’s toolbar that includes CSS tools (such as Firebug for Firefox) is what we use; we edit templates manually. Apparently there was a tool to work with Smarty templates in Dreamweaver but I don’t think it’ll likely be very useful.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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