Ocs 2.3.5 -> ocs 2.3.6

Good day! I am trying to update via web. From OCS 2.3.5 to OCS 2.3.6.
The update is successful and the error files are empty.
But some characters are “Ü”, “” “,” ”". Turned into “?”.
In addition, the site displays a description, but if we go through the admin drop in
User> Conference Site Management> Website Management → CONFERENCE DESCRIPTION.
The field is empty, although the site displays information.

In the database before the update and after utf8_general_ci.

Tried with both charset_normalization = Off and On. Perhaps someone faced a similar problem, please share the solution.
Thanks in advance.

Solved. Forget set utf8 at config.php
connection_charset = utf8
database_charset = utf8