OAI results sorted by primary language

Hello people,
I am using OJS3.3.0-6, and in many journals the articles have title, abstract and keywords in Spanish (main) and in English.
When I check the output of the OAI, I see that the order is first English and then Spanish.
Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 8.53.45

I’m using VuFind to harvest the metadata and it only recognizes a single title, grab the first one, same with the abstract, select the first one that both are in English, and I need you to select the one in Spanish.

My question is, how can I reverse the order in the output of the OAI so that the first title is Spanish and not English?

I can’t just tell Vufind to select only Spanish because there are magazines that publish articles in English and that could cause them to be omitted.


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I’m interested in this too.

Following up!

Hi all,

If you use View Source to look at the OAI data, you’ll see that the xml:lang attribute distinguishes between the two languages. I think the problem is on the VuFind side of things – they shouldn’t be taking the first value, they should be looking at xml:lang and either picking the relevant value or storing/using both. I don’t believe the order of elements is intended to show priority.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team