OAI-PMH for multisite OJS installation


I have a theoretical question: how is the best way to set a OAI-PMH endpoint in a multisite OJS installation?
I still need to register as OAI-PMH provider, should I do just once, as a publisher, or is it better to do it for each journal we have?
In this last scenario, how should I modify the config file?

Have you any experience of this?

We will probably use the Quick submit for some journals, but I saw there that there are some issues with the OAI-PMH (OAI-PMH missing submissions), are those problems still valid?

My OJS version is:


Hi @Lara_M,

Would you mind indicating the version # of OJS you’re working from (e.g. 3.3.0-10) in your post? This will be helpful for our team and/or community members assisting in troubleshooting.

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PKP Team

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