Null $request var send for function

I send this url: /index.php/index/search/test with ajax, as you see in the following code, also I handle connection in index to find the text($args, &$request) function. this function run well but the $request is null.

	 	url: '{/literal}{$baseUrl}{literal}/index.php/index/search/test',
		type: 'POST',
		data: dataString,
		dataType: 'json',
		success: function (response) {//response is value returned from php (for your example it's "bye bye"

how can I use ArticleSearch::getSearchFilters($request) methode as well, or how can I have $request as it is available in SearchHandler::search($args, &$request)?

Hi @mahsa_idasa

What is the software and its version are you talking about?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

I’m talking about ojs-2.4.8

I understood the null result was becouse I was posting the value of $request to an other template and it was changed it the way :))) ! so easy to know !