Notify Users email dissemination


Since migrating my journal to a new host I have been unable to send publication updates to all users using the Notify Users function. It takes forever to process and there seems to be a limit to the number of emails that can go out in one batch in a defined period of time. The server administrator has checked and feels the problem is not with the server. This was his conclusion -‘Our server settings for email processing is unlimited per hour. When I looked at the code, it seems SMTP got involved, so it could be a journal thing. I think it is worth asking.’

So, is there something about the journal setup/code that I need to alter to remove this problem, please?


Have you tried adjusting the time_between_emails setting in

Hi ctgraham!
I have the same problem (already posted here ) and I did not see this topic, sorry! =(
I have just changed time_between_emails from 6000 to 3600, as you suggest, I am going to test it soon.
I willl advice in case of success (hoping so!), thanks a lot in advantage =)

Chiara - Nuova Cultura

Dear @ctgraham, unfortunately the problem is still on, the new timing did not work.
I do not have idea how to solve that problem, I am quite worried about it…
Please, may anyone help me? =(
Thanks a lot.

Chiara - Nuova Cultura

You have given more detailed information in the other thread, so I suggest we follow up there.