Notify reviewers when submission is accepted

I have received this request couple of times. I think I have seen it here on the forum as well, but could not find it now.

Could we consider a feature where reviewers are notified when the submission is accepted (or declined). This way they would know that the work on that submission is finished and know what happened to it. I short notification would probably be enough.

Hi @ajnyga,

Not a bad idea, but our general thought around certain notifications is that they’re critical enough that they should be the Editor’s responsibility for writing rather than the system sending out a boilerplate message. Currently it’s possible to contact the author using the Notify button, but I think you’re proposing an automatic notification instead. Could this be resolved with either editor training, or some kind of UI-based suggestion that the editor send a notification, rather than a fully automated message?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

The request I’ve had is the automatic message.