Notification message after new article submission, how to control who gets it?

Description of issue or problem I’m having:

As I understand it, the journal manager(s) gets a notification email when a new article has been submitted in their journal.

In one (of many) of our journals, this is not the case. Only the author gets an email.

In most of our other journals, also the journal managers get an email.

I found that the mail to the author seems to be sent in the code of


but where is the code that sends the notification to the journal manager? I would like to debug why the journal managers of a specific journal don’t get these notifications.

Is the sending of the notification logged somewhere?

Steps I took leading up to the issue:
We have a test server with a copy of the production server, but with changed email addresses. We have been creating lots of new articles in the two journals trying to find a clue.

What I tried to resolve the issue:
Have been checking the email templates, and checked the journal managers’ notification settings. They are opting in for all message types, for both journals.

Application Version - OJS

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Hi Maria,

Who gets the notification depends on how the sections and assigned editors are configured within the journal. Nate has a solid breakdown of the logic here:


Hi Jason,
Thanks for the link!

It says that if there is only one journal manager for a journal, that person will get email notifications of new submissions.

In our journal where the journal managers get an email notification, there are more than 5 journal managers. And in the journal where the journal managers don’t get any notification, there are about the same amount.

I tested to turn on database debug while we tested submitting an article from first one journal, then the other. In the journal where the journal managers got messages, the system looks at the settings in notification_subscription_settings for all journal managers. In the journal where they don’t get any email notifications, the only users that are checked in notification_subscription_settings, are the author and a user_id = 0.

What php script is it that does the actual sending of the notification (it’s the NOTIFICATION template) to the journal manager(s)?

/ Maria

Hi Maria,

The class responsible for sending email when a submission is made is


Thank you Jason!

That tells me why the journal managers of one journal all get notifications, while the managers of the other journal don’t get any (or so I thought).

If exactly one (1) manager is in any of the user groups selected, that person (or persons if more than one user group gives just one (1) result) will get a notification, and then noone else will.

When that is never true for any of the groups, all journal managers get a notification in the “else” statement. So it explains why we get the result we do, but it has proven difficult to understand how to assign roles to make “the right” persons (according to us) get the messages.

So I guess we are going to be happy when the functionality to add email addresses to the notifications of a submission comes back.

/ Maria