Notification issues (dashboard and section editors)


We’re running OJS Two questions about notifications:

We know that notifications of submissions go to journal editors. They don’t appear to go to section editors as well. Is this something we can change?

Are dashboard notifications actually working? We disabled them (as admin) and still receive them–might be bug but we wanted to communicate their effectiveness to editors.


Hi @scrissin,

For current releases of OJS, new submission notifications work as follows.

The notifications come in two kinds:

  • “A new article, “title here,” has been submitted.”
  • “A new article has been submitted to which an editor needs to be assigned.” (This stays in the “Task” list until someone has been assigned.)

When OJS receives a submission, it first checks to see whether it can identify someone to be automatically assigned. If there’s only a single registered editor in the journal, the assignment goes there. If there’s only a single editor assigned to the section, then the assignment goes there.

If neither can be determined, OJS will send notifications to all registered editors, so that one of them can claim the submission.

When someone is assigned automatically, they should be notified.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thanks, @asmecher, I’ve already forwarded this info to editors. We appreciate the clarity.