Nothing is showing on my OJS Website. I installed it from my CPanel, post an article, but see nothing on the website. Pls van I have help to understand what to do?

Before you post your question, check out the user guides and video tutorials at PKP Docs.

You can also search on the forum to see if someone else had the same question.

When you post your question, please give as much detail as possible. Examples and screenshots are always helpful!

Hi @Iniobong_Eka,

Does your website show up at all?

To avoid any confusion, did you create an issue? Did you create a section?

In OJS an article is assigned to a section, which is then published in an issue. So, a section is like Editorial, Article, etc. You can also create new issues. You can call your section and issues whatever you like. Once you assign the article to a section, you also have to it to an issue. This is the only way the article will be visible to anyone visiting your website.

Here is a video for submitting an article to OJS from OJS people:

Another video with no audio (just a visual overview)

If you want to send me a link of the website privately, I can look at it for you.