Not searching keywords


I have 2 OJS 3.11-2 installed in 2 different servers.

Both can’t search for keywords in articles. Is there a way that i can “fix” it?


Hi @rodrigo_snape,

OJS’s search doesn’t actually match against keywords. If the keyword isn’t also used in the title or abstract, no results will be found. There is not an easy way to fix this, but you could file an issue on GitHub.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, @astevens!

Thks for the clarification.

How the plugin of a keyword cloud is supposed to work? It reads the keywords, but when you click on a word it just search for that word in the title/abstract?

Best regards

Hi @rodrigo_snape

I think the keyword could plugin is still not implemented for OJS 3. This functionality will probably come with this issue Incorporate browse by section into core application · Issue #2714 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub, so please track it there…