Non-exisiting users cannot be created since they exist ?!


Installation of OJS3.1.2.4 works fine.
But, there is a small glitch and I am not able to identify what is the cause of the problem. Namely, when I search for a particular user, the system says it does not exist. However, when I want to create such a user, the system says it cannot be done since the email address is already occupied. Searching the database does not give a positive response either.

Maybe somebody might provide an idea how to overcome this problem?

Kind regards,


Hi @zmandic

how are you searching for these users? If you’re in your journal in the Users area, make sure you check off the box that says “include users with no role in this journal”. The users probably do exist, but are just not enrolled.


Hi Jason,

yes! That was exactly what was wrong. I knew this some time ago but have completely forgotten about it. Today I was in wonder about this.

Thank you very much for your response!

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