No pager for the published articles in an issue. OJS 2.4.2

As the number of published articles in an issue might be large, I could not find any pager option for page “…/issue/view/issueId”, am I right?

Thus, I tried to add pager by adding this lines to issue.tpl:

{page_info iterator=$section.articles }
{page_links anchor=“section.articles” name=“section.articles” iterator=$section.articles }

l but I saw this error:
Fatal error : Call to a member function getPage() on array in lib/pkp/classes/template/** on line 666

How can fix this error or other way to add a pager to this page as it takes long to load many articles in this page. Pager can allow me just load e.g. 10 articles per page not loading all at once.


According to the code, it works with objects that extend ItemIterator class, e.g., DAOResultFactory. The latter as far as I know is a common class that wraps the results of sql queries in DAO classes, so you can iterate from them and retrieve objects.

The error says that $section.articles is an array, not the class that extends ItemIterator.