No. of seen "My Assigned" submission


usually I find everything - EVERYTHING!! on this forum, so first at all - thx to everyone who passes their knowledge further!

But, there’s one thing that I can’t solve. When I got to Submission and under My Queue there are three tables; Unassigned, My Assigned and My Authored. Mainly I’m interested in finding a solution for My Assigned. There are shown just 4 items. When I scroll down, I got the next 4 and so on.
Question: Is there a way to show more than just 4 items?
I’ve made already a few modifications, so I’m aware that the solution will be in some .tpl/.php file. But, for now, no luck and success.

Any idea, solutions, help?

Thx in advance and cheers, Marko

Hi @Marko_at_GeoZS,

I would strongly suggest upgrading to a more recent release – in addition to much better submission lists (that load more than 4 items at a time), you’ll get a bunch of other improvements.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thx @asmecher for reply. Was hopping for better solution :wink: as for the moment there’s no plan of upgrading our system(s). But yes, one sunny beautiful morning I’ll upgrade it and got this and other nice’n new improvements.

Thx and have a great day, Marko