No messages after import article XML in ojs 2.4.8

I’m trying to import an Article XML into my Journal.

In order to test, I created the Article XML by using the same plugin that we use to Import/Export XML Issues and Articles (in OJS). I exported one of my articles to a XML and I changed the content of the XML with the new info (new Article). So, I’m assuming that this way I’ll have all the info/structured needed.

I have two OJS installations (a local one in my PC (OS: Ubuntu) and a remote one (hosted in a Linux Web Server)). The local one works fine, shows the message properly and I could import the New Article XML that I changed without issues.

But in the remote installation, I tried to import the same file and no error messages are being displayed. No article was uploaded. What I missing here? Is there any particular setting of permission in the directory/files that I need to set that maybe is causing the issue?