No link to abstract page in OMP

When I publish an anthology in OMP, there are no links to the abstract pages for the individual chapters even though I have inserted an abstract in the metadata. How do I get the links inserted?


Niels Erik

I do not think OMP supports that. There has been discussions Public identifiers for chapters · Issue #1692 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub to have chapter landing pages for OMP. This way chapters could have DOIs.

I do not think the landing page request was filled in that issue although it is closed now. It is something I am hoping to work on soon. We are building our own OMP service, similar to

edit: but I think it would be fairly simple to create a custom landing page template that would show the abstracts of chapters there. Maybe add some simple jquery hide/show action.

Thanks, @ajnyga for the info. I also strongly feel the need for an abstract page with the separate landing page of each chapter and I need this for publishing edited volume & conference proceedings as monographic series through OMP3.x; but sadly this feature request was suppressed.
If possible can you plz add some example of creating a landing page template to show abstract? I know you are very busy and this might be minor and unnecessary for you but it would be great help for us.


You could just add a new segment after the highlighted one (or after authors dois etc.):

								<div class="chapter_abstract">

That will show the abstract.

For showing hiding, you would first need to hide the .chapter_abstract class and then add a custom jquery to load on the landing page. Probably toggle is the best option here. .toggle() | jQuery API Documentation

This is easiest to reach by creating a custom theme and placing the modified template and the required js there. See PKP Theming Guide

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Hi! @nef, Can you please tell how did you insert abstract in the metadata for the individual chapter. I am using the same version but unable to find option for inserting abstract of the individual chapters in the metadata. I might be missing some settings to enable the abstract field in the metadata. In my case abstract filed is available only at monograph level not for individual chapter.

Hi, If you go to the ‘Catalog Entry’ and under the section ‘Chapters’ click on the chapter name (title) a page show up, where you see the abstract field.

Thank you so much.
You write “This way chapters could have DOIs”, could have? I really hope that the chapter DOIs work based on the way OMP is set up today even though the chapters do not have a landing page.

Hi! @nef, Thanks but I am not able to see abstract option in my version OMP3.1.2.1, A screenshot attached herewith, If somehow it is disabled through some settings and anyone here aware that how to enable abstract field option in catalogue entry, kindly

Wouldn’t it look different if you add contributor and files?

Hi! @nef, No, still same even I add files and contributors also assigned doi

Go to ‘Catalog’ > ‘Entry’

Then on the following page you go to the Chapter section
Then click on the Chapter title.
Hope it will work out for you

Thanks for the effort however still not working, may be some issue in last upgrade or may be some bug due to which its not available in upgraded one but available in fresh installation of this vesion, I think next update is going to out soon and lets wait for next update and if still not work then file as bug or ask help from pkp team.

Hi @ajnyga
Unfortunately your proposal does not activate the landing page. One of our IT staff members has added what you have suggested, but apparently it is not enough.
I really hope that one will come up with a solution.
Niels Erik


Yes it will not create a landing page, but should reveal the abstract in the toc.

Creating the actual landing would mean building a page handler for a chapter. This is not that complicated but is hard to achieve with plugins.

Do you know if the PKP/OMP team has considered allowing chapters to assign a landing page in an upcoming release.
I am surprised that they have removed this opportunity. It was definitely one of the best news sent in connection with the release of OMP 3.
Niels Erik

I am fairly sure it is not included in 3.2 that is being released soon. It is something I am hoping to solve soon though.

If you have someone who’s familiar with coding OMP, I can help you. I have a basic version of chapter’s landing page for our OMP. It’s OMP3.0, but I think that it could be adapted to OMP3.1.2. It’s not complete, but maybe it would be a good start for you and help you.
Your welcome to visit our OMP page: (this book’s the first one with chapters with LP)

Thank you so much, It is very kind of you, but our IT department has told me, that they will only use updated additions, so we are waiting for ajnyga’s solution.
Niels Erik

Yeah, ok. It’s fine.
Best regards,