No indexing on Google Scholar - Postgres?

Hello to everyone, Hello @asmecher

We are having problems with Google Scholar. The Journals on our Portal ( are not being indexed.
We have already upgraded our system to version, checked the meta tags, as reported in the PKP doc and the Google Scholar website and are being generated without any problems.
We updated our robots.txt file to
User-agent: *
Disallow: / cache /
Crawl-delay: 60

Checking acces log we noticed that there is entry of the bots however, it is not generating indexing in Google Scholar.
We emphasize that our Portal uses Postgres and not MySQL. In a previous correction, about OAI, it was necessary to make a correction in the source code of a plugin because of Potgres.
Would any correction be necessary in the source code of the Google Scholar plugin due to the fact that we use Postgres? Is there any further configuration that we can carry out to guarantee the indexing of our articles on Google Scholar?
Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


I’m not aware of anything further you would need to do, or any reason a PostgreSQL-based installation wouldn’t be indexed. The indexing process can take some time, and we don’t have any access to Google Scholar to check the status of your journal. I would suggest contacting Google Scholar to ask; let them know you are using OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team