No DOIs for physical publication formats


we use the DOI plugin in OMP (version to assign DOIs to publication formats. This works fine. Unfortunatly the plugins assigns DOIs also to physical formats, like hardcover and softcover, which does not make much sense for us because there is no object to link to.

In the catalog:

In OJS there is the option to except files and articles from the DOI assignment. Would it be possible to add such a function to the OMP plugin?


Hi @lilients,

Tagging @bozana on this – she’ll be doing some work on the DOI code shortly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

It seems that the DOIs can be assigned also to the physical objects:
“The first misconception about the DOI to clear away is that it is only for digital content. It’s a digital identifier of objects (physical or digital), not an identifier of digital objects only.It’s as relevant to print books as to eBooks.” (s. page 6 here:
Thus, it would be best to add the exclude and the clear option/possibility in OMP too. S. DOI Exclude and Clear Option in OMP · Issue #876 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for the patch – it is coming soon…

Many thanks for the patch @bozana!