No breadcrumb navigation in HTMl galley bootstrap 3

Hi @NateWr ,

is it possible to add a breadcrumb navigation in the html galleys as it is already available in the artice overview, see:


The html galley doesn’t show any information about the corresponding issue, see Open-Access-Transformation mit DeepGreen: Gemeinsam den (grünen) Schatz heben | o-bib. Das offene Bibliotheksjournal / Herausgeber VDB


Hi Anna,

You can see the code that is used to create the breadcrumb here:

That loads this template:

You can use that code to display the breadcrumbs on the article galley template file, which you’ve already modified. You may need to fetch the issue object and assign it to the {$issue} template to make the breadcrumb work there, because I don’t think that variable is normally available on a galley page. But I’m not sure.

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Hi @NateWr,

thank you for your support. I included this line:

{include file=“frontend/components/breadcrumbs_article.tpl”}

in the


and now it works!
Formerly I adopted the display.css according to this documentation: Problem styling HTML Galley OJS 3.0 - #68 by florianruckelshausen

thanks! Anna