New Version of a Submission template?

When I make a new version of an article using the new feature, the editorial team and the author receives a notification that says

A new version of a submission was created.

When I am publishing a new issue (moving articles from In Press to an actual issue), the editorial team gets 20-30 of these notifications. I cannot find a way to turn off this option. Any thoughts?

Alternatively, I would like to edit the notification to at least say something like

Your submission ______________ has been published to our latest issue.

However, I cannot find the template to make this edit. The email title says
“New notification from {$siteTitle}” - which appears to be a standard notification email, but with a different text.


Hi @hickeygamez,

I don’t have access to an instance of 3.2 at the moment, but you might be able to disable those notifications under the profile settings: User Account Management ? I’ll try to have a look for that template

For editing that template, if you search in the email templates for the first part of the string, “New notification from” - you might be able to find it - if that doesn’t work, please let me know.

PKP Team

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