New table in DB -> Undefined index

Hi all,

long time no post, but now I have a small problem.

I’ve created a new table in DB.
updated ojs_schema.xml

<!-- * * TABLE article_munipress * --> <table name="article_munipress"> <field name="article_id" type="I8"> <KEY /> <NOTNULL /> </field> <field name="article_number" type="C2" size="50"/> <descr>Journal article metadata (munipress).</descr> <index name="article_munipress_article_id"> <col>article_id</col> </index> </table>

Updated DAO, created get/set methods and I’m working with this data without problem (using and showing them without problems). But something still generating me the Notice error in PHP_error logs.
[11-Jan-2016 11:05:36 Europe/Paris] NOTICE: Undefined index: article_number (C:\local_servers\wamp\www\ojs\classes\article\

Problem is in
function _articleFromRow(&$article, &$row) {}
on the line $article->setArticleNumber($row['article_number']);
but the index is OK. When I’ve tried use
foreach ($row as $key => $value) { echo "key = ". $key .", ".$value." <br />"; }
It shows me right key and value: key = article_number, value

I’ve cleared cache several times and upgrade system and database through CMD, but still nothing. Error is still generated.

Thank you very much for any advice.
Best Regards

Hi @Radek,

Somewhere there’s a query that’s not fetching a column named article_number. If I were debugging this, I’d add some temporary code to the _articleFromRow function to check whether the article_number index is present, and if not, throw a stack trace to see what query is being executed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,

thank you very much. I’ve found it.

Have a nice day