New server, same setup - files browser not finding files in original directory

Hello everyone,

We’re having a bit of an issue and I’m hoping you can help us. Recently, we moved to a new server and were forced to expedite our move due to security issues on our old setup. We have OJS configured and setup exactly as it was before: installed through a cPanel interface, same issues, articles, etc.

However, even though all the data is the same, with the issues still listed and all the information shown for each of the articles, none of the articles are associated with their PDFs. None of the base locations have changed as far as the files themselves but since it’s a new server, OJS is showing no files in the file browser.

Is there a way to point OJS towards the proper file directory where we already have the files or will I have to reupload each of these documents?

Thank you.

EDIT: I think I found a piece of the configuration that wasn’t pointing towards the correct folder, based on the home directory. I’m going to fix this and go through each of the articles again to see if that fixes it.

UPDATE: Yes, I’m an idiot. We have a different name in the home directory and I missed a piece of the configuration. It was pointing towards the incorrect folders still. I found and rectified the issue.


Hi @charlescmyers,

Glad it’s resolved, and thanks for following up!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team