New round with the same reviewers

I am not very familiar with the review process, but editors in a journal we host found a change from OJS2.4 to OJS3.1

According to her, when starting a new review round in v. 2.4 it was possible to automatically keep or “copy” the same reviewers to the next round. However, in 3.1 you have to explicitly add the reviewers again. Is there any way to “copy” the reviewers from round 1 to round 2 in OJS3.1?

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Have someone else experienced this issue in OJS 3.1?


Hi Edvin,

Sorry for this late reply - maybe you have already figured this one out. =) Anyway, this is what you do:

  1. Click ADD REVIEWER just like in the previous round.
  2. Click on the plus sign (More Search Options)
  3. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the window: “Reviewers from this submission previous review rounds” (you will need to select them one at the time)
  4. Before you send the email, make sure that the correct files to be reviewed incl. “response to reviewers” (if any) are selected in the Files To Be Reviewed field.

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Thank you Emma!
As you might suspect, you gave me the answer of this question in person in Stockholm this week :slightly_smiling_face:

Edvin E (LiU E-press)

Haha, I had no idea that was you! :joy:
Well, glad I could help.

Hälsningar från Stockholm!

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Could you please confirm that step “2. Click on the plus sign (More Search Options)” is still availeble in ver I ask because I cannot find the way how to proceed new round with the same reviewers and avoid invitation step.