New Role in OJS to safeguard the publisher

Dear OJS Future Request

Please design one new role, which can make a submission to publication, but not able to change in Journal or in Website. I have not found any such role in OJS Software. I have requested this Role earlier also in July 2021, please find the screenshot in the attachment.
This means user role that can;

  • make submissions
  • accept the submissions, publish papers, assign DOI,
  • make any kind of download & upload at copyediting stage, & send to production stage
  • make any kind of download & upload at production stage & schedule for publishing
  • generate new issues, add submissions to those issues, than publish them,

**But have not been entitled to;

  • make any change on Journal settings
  • make any change on Website settings,
    and any other changes on Workflow & distribution settings.

Most of the Societies or Publishers do not command with OJS software. This will also disallow any employee to misconduct, presently they can place their own Bank Account instead of the organization
Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 4.14.40 PM
account, etc.


You may want to review our documentation on role settings and how you can configure roles within OJS: Learning Open Journal Systems 3.3 - Users and Roles (I’m not sure what version you are using, but please consult the relevant version of the documentation for the version you are using, and please include your version number in posts, as it helps us to answer questions.) You can create new roles, and limit the role to certain aspects of the workflow.

Typically those in the author role don’t have the ability to assign dois - this is limited to the editor and journal manager. Most of what you’ve outlined you should be able to achieve through altering the role settings. Typically only Journal Managers would only have access to the settings you would describe.

I’m afraid I don’t understand by what you mean by:

  • can you clarify?

PKP Team

This is a duplicate of Site management OJS - capabilities for a new role: Publisher Employee - #19 by IJELLH. I’ll close this topic in favor of that one.