New Page Feature

Could you add a feature that would allow me to add new blank pages to my journal? I have a grant that could allow me to fund such a development.

Actually, this feature already exists. See the Static Pages plugin:

Hello all,

Is it possible to automagically link (as a Table of Contents) static pages or this has to be created manually?

I remember reading something about this magic, but I may be mistaken…

It will be used to add our editorial guidelines for authors. It has a bullet-style content, and we’d like to have it in all 3 languages…

Hello all,

Anyone has comments on the best approach?

Hello all,

There seems to be a size limit on the title of static pages.
Is it in the form field or database?
This doesn’t fit:

Parte II: Orientações gerais para autores e colaboradores

Hello all,

Looking at the table structure for the Static Pages plugin I noticed the field is a longtext, so, the limitation is on the template.

I modified plugins/generic/staticPages/editStaticPageForm.tpl and set the maxlength of the title field to 255.