New OJS 3 Theme on Bootstrap 4

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Thanks, it is solved. It is about the prefix fa, fab and fal


Hi Vitaliy,

I installed your theme in our website. The website is displaying correctly in Mozilla Firefox 59.0.3 and Google Chrome Version 66.0.3359.139. However, in Internet Explorer version 11.431.16299.0, the webpages are not displaying correctly. The article details are not displayed there fully. I see only title of the article. No other details. I thought it could be a problem with my website/web host. So, I checked your demo site through IE. Same problem. I could not see full article details. Any solution? Thanks.


Internet Explorer isn’t update for a long time. As I remember the last update was in 2013. But there was a lot of changes in front-end development from that time. So, of course some issues can arise.

I think we shouldn’t pay much attention on this browser as only minority of people use it. For example, according to w3schools: only 3.9% of people are using Edge/IE.

You can open issue on GitHub’s theme plugin page with describing the problem. I will take a look in a free time.


Hi… Sir, I am happy to get your info, but why I can’t install that theme?


Check the release you installed with your Ojs version.


Keep in mind that OJS version must be 3.1.1 and PHP version >=7.1


Apologies: thank you already answered me in the other post

Hello @Vitaliy . In your example

you show a fig un xml. Where you opload the fig1.png? in the submission procces or on an external server for figures?

Figure 1 Awesome figure title.

Another boring figure caption.



Figure is simply attached to the XML galley through a dashboard.


Thanks for your great work.
Question: There is a problem with recaptcha v2. It request to agree with privacy terms but there is no option to do it. How can I fix it?



Replied here: "You must agree to the terms of the privacy statement" Cant be seen on Registration page


Hi @Vitaliy,
Is there a way to force a new line (or break) in the table head cell?

Best regards,


You can put content into paragraphs.


I think p tags are not identified or they are cleared. I do not get the following working. They appear in a single row.

<td><p>content 1</p><p>content 2</p></td>
<th><p>content 1</p><p>content 2</p></th>

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You can add them manually, most important that they are supported by JATS Parser.
Think, putting these lines into the p tag will be enough:


I made three changes:

1. Added last 4 lines in somewhere beginning of text.tpl

    {foreach from=$parContent->getType() item=textType key=k}
        {if $textType === "bold"}
        {elseif $textType === "italic"}
        {elseif $textType === "sup"}
		{elseif $textType === "br"}
            <br />
		{elseif $textType === "p"}
2. Added last two lines towards the end of text.tpl

{foreach from=$parContent->getType() item=textType key=k}
        {if $textType === "bold"}
        {elseif $textType === "italic"}
        {elseif $textType === "sup"}
        {elseif $textType === "sub"}
		{elseif $textType === "p"}
3. Added last two items in

private static $nodeCheck = array("bold", "italic", "sup", "sub", "xref", "underline", "monospace", "ext-link", "br", "p");

Still, I am not getting support for br or p in table cell.

Should I do something more?

Best regards,


Paragraphs inside the table are already supported by JATS Parser. You simply need to put the loops, where iteretion through them is done, inside p tags. Foreach loops are here:

Did you try that? I suppose, this should be enough.


As for br tag it seems like a good idea. I think it can be incuded after I renew the source code on the GitHub, alongside with short guide how add the support for new tags.

But you were on the right path exept that p tag should not be added to the nodeCheck array as it’s used for parsing data inside the paragraph node. This method: is quite tricky and uses recursion for parsing nested elements inside the paragraph any level depth. Recursion there goes to all parent elements from the text nodes until this element is a paragraph (p).


will wait until you update the source code.

Best wishes.


Hi, I have installed the plugin (master) on …/plugin/themes/oldGregg , running PHP 7.0.30-0 and OJS I logged inn to OJS admin and activated the plugin on the “Plugins” page. But, I cannot see it when I try to enable the theme in “Website Settings” on “Appearance” menu. What is wrong?



You need PHP 7.1 or higher.