New editors capabilities

Hi to everybody,

I’m the administrator of the site ( OJS; one of the journal are changing the editorial board, and they would like that the new members don’t have access to the previous decision and messages that the old ones has been taken. I’ve been investigating the roles and users and didn’t see that option and before telling them that it’s not possible I just like to be sure.

Thanks in advance

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible, but wait for the answer of expert users.

Eventually, a solution could be create a new context for your journal importing the users from the old one and re-publish the previous issues using QuickSubmit plugin. You could close the old context and make it private to preserve the history just in case you need it. You can also change the path of old context to give it to the new one.

In this way you have a new space and the new journal editors can’t see the previous decisions and messages.

It’s a very hard work and many direct links to specific resources will not work anymore. I don’t suggest it, unless you are in a corner and your job depends from this! Good luck!

Hello @nacho,

As @Michevole had indicated this would not be possible on OJS. Any new user you grant an Editorial role (Journal Manager/Editor) to would have access to manuscripts on the systems. Section Editors will continue to only have access to work that has been assigned to them.

I hope that this clarification is helpful, but please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks a lot @Michevole and @pmangahis for your answer I’ll talk with the editor and try to find a solution.