Need to change assigned dois

Hello and thanks for your great work!
I am the editor-in-chief of the Nigerian Dental Journal. We had a doi transfer from ajol and now register our own dois. Unfortunately, when I assigned dois to our recent articles, the system assigned dois to articles already assigned dois by ajol before our doi transfer.
I did not submit the articles though, but the dois assigned reflect on our website.

Is there any way I can delete the dois and link the articles to the original dois on ajol?

Really grateful for help :pray:

You can manually set DOIs to your submissions changing the settings for DOI plugin.
Go to:
Settings > Website > Plugins > DOI (Public Identifier Plugins section)
And click on “settings” options for DOI plugin.

It will open a modal window, on DOI Suffix section select “Enter an individual DOI suffix for each published item…”
Save it.

Now you will need to go to the submission you want to keep the DOI, unpublish it and manually add the original DOI in “Publication > Identifier” tab.

Save it and revert the DOI plugin setting to keep the system work automatically for all other submissions.


Thank you so much. You’ve just solved a big problem for me!!!

I appreciate this!:pray: