Need help with configuration of emails on OJS

Hi again!
I started configuration of emails of my website and faced with a problem.

  1. If I open discussion as an Author I cannot add the participants and the only participant is the Author. And neither this author nor Admin/Editor did not receive the notification about new discussion.
  2. If I open or reply on opened discussion as Admin/Editor, I can add myself as participant. In this case Author receive notification, but I do not.
    In Settings - Journal - Contacts I tried to indicate different emails, but finaly indicated the same email in Mailing Address and Principal Contact, which I also indicated in file.

What I did wrong and how can I configure the email correctly? Perhaps I did not need to change the


UPD. It seems that I was not able to add the other participant to discussion when I was under Author account because the user Admin was assigned as Editor later then the submission was created. I mean, even when I created the new discussion but in old submission, there just was no option to add the Editor to this discussion. When I created the new submission such option appeared.

However I still do not receive emails when I am creating/reply to discussion and as Author. The same, I do not receive emails when I am creating/reply to discussion as Editor. In both cases I indicate myself as recepient of this message. Is it OK?

UPD2. I cleared the information about SMTP from config file and emails look working fine excepting this issue of self-recepient.