Native XML Issues Exporting Error - OJS


I have trying to export issues via Native XML Plugin. Its giving memory limit error

Validation errors:

Memory allocation failed

Memory allocation failed : creating output

Invalid XML:

Could not convert selected objects.

I changed the memory limit to -1 so that there is no limit.

I cannot download all issues (i.e. 44 issues) so I am downloading each issue separately.

Now when i export issue which has 8 article it get downloaded but issues having 16 articles or more dont get downloaded.

It is madatory for me to download issues either separately or wholly.

Please help me.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @a2usmani,

What version of the XML import plugin are you using and what version of OJS?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis I am experimenting the same problem, I have OJS version but I dont know which import export native plugin version I have. Where can I find it?