Native Import/Export question

Hello all,
I’m trying to import a large XML issue (over 40M!) and I’ve changed PHP settings to enabled large files, but it keeps throwing a fatal Allowed memory of XX bytes exhausted…

So, to the questions:

  1. Will running it from command-line prevent this? Assuming that upload_max_filesize AND pos_max_size are large enough (both currently 60M)

  2. Is the [issueId] required? I don’t know what to insert in it, as the issue does not exist yet. Do I have to create it first?

  3. There are also user_name and section_name parameters as well, even for importing issues. Are these required?

The translation may not be as clear as it should…

Hi @ramon,

I suspect the problem is the memory_limit directive, not anything related to file upload sizes.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher,

Years without dealing with this side of technology have made me forget the small details.
Thank you, you’ve saved my life, once more…