National Library of medicine

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We are using Jatx plugin (DOCX to JATS XML Converter Plugin) to convert docs to xml files, The problem is that NLM is not validating the file when submitting to

My question is how we can make it compatible using the plugin so it embed the necessary information required by NLM

We are using ojs


Sorry for the delay, I was away :slight_smile:

I haven’t used much this plugin, just once, and I decided to move to another solution: GitHub - jonasraoni/JATSPreviewStylesheets: JATS Preview Stylesheets (I’ve just added a couple of commits over the original), which produces a good final HTML version with some stylization already in place.

Jonas Raoni

@jonasraoni thank you for your reply, actually we are looking a solution for our xml for pubmd submission. Does this work?

Oh sorry, I read too fast, I thought you were talking about JATS XML to HTML :slight_smile:

I think you can create an issue in the repository with the validation issues that you had.

Jonas Raoni