Name Editors in issues

In our journal we’ve had and will have even more cases where structures and characteristics of edited volumes and journal issues are mixed. Generally, most of our “special issues” have editors or could be compared to edited volumes. Ideally these editors should be added on the issue level, like authors to articles, and are then added to articles in the metadata (DC, OAI, DOI, coins, doaj, etc.).

See for the preceding discussion.

Dear PKP Technical Committee, dear @Marisa , dear all
if I remember correctly, in the OJS Development Priorities Survey you were asking for feedback on assigning editors to issues.
The blog post Here we go! What’s planned for 3.4 doesn’t mention any of this. Are there any plans to implement this feature? If not, I would have to figure out a workaround or even a plugin that imitates some functionalities from OMP.
Thanks for the update and all the best

Hi @klausru, no there are no plans to implement this feature right now. It is not high enough of a priority for us at the moment.

Dear @NateWr
thanks for the response.
This means that we will be planning a plugin, adding a table to the db with eds. Then pulling the info into our template and to the points in metadata where necessary and possible. This will be major for us, but we’ll keep you posted on github.


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