My OJS website taking too time to load

After using OJS for hosting our journals, the things have started concerning me with the performance issues. The website is taking too time to load, don’t know why.

Got in touch with GoDaddy support (our hosting provider) but they also couldn’t figure out what the issue is. I have the premium hosting package and unlimited resources in my hosting account still I am facing the slow running issue with my OJS web.

@asmecher or anybody else having the knowledge on the issue, I would like to ask for your advisory onto this as the things are getting uglier day by day. Sometimes we have to kill the pages due to slow fetching of the webpages. Is there any config error or is there anything which it shouldn’t be there?

A tool such as your browser’s web inspector (particularly the network tab) can help you identify if the slowdown is the initial processing of the PHP, or if the slowdown is the processing of linked files such as javascript, CSS, images, etc.

Which case do you find?