Multiple Journals - Using site level navigation across all journals

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We are setting up publisher with multiple journals published using OJS 3.3.x.x. To improve user experience, it is required to have links backs to Main Publisher website (in word press) and a link to journals under OJS. The same is set up at site level navigation, however these menu items do not appear under the individual journal setup and even if they do, setting up the same navigation menu across each journal is a tedious task.

Describe the solution you’d like
There could be 2 options

  1. The navigation menu changes should reflect in each of the journals be default and it should be up to the site administrator to change individual navigation if needed. OR there should be an option at site level changes if these need to be propagated as it is across all journals or limited only at site level.
  2. Actually propagation of changes at the site level should be optional for all applicable settings i.e., all settings that are common to both site and journals should have an option to propagate the changes to all journals or not.

Who is asking for this feature?
The changes are going to be a huge effort savings for the website administrators / Journal Administrators, Technical Support and users as they have all setting immediately available at journal level.

Hope the problem and suggested solutions are clear and make sense. Please reply in case any further clarification is needed.

Many thanks for your valuable efforts and support.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I have updated the request.

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