Multiple journal installation

Hi, im new to ojs, i have a question. Im managing 9 journals for my institution using ojs3… Multiple journals in single ojs installation or seperate installation is better? Thanks for the advice… Sorry for my bad english😁

Hola Emi, ambas opciones son buenas. Si optas por multirevista tendrás todo centralizado y las actualizaciones sólo tendrás que hacerlas una vez.

Hi @Emi_Naza,

If in doubt, it’s much easier to start with a single copy of OJS (and later divide it into several if needed) than to try to merge several OJS installations into one.

Kind Regards,
Patricia Mangahis
Public Knowledge Project Team

thank for the info… is there any working merge plugin for ojs3?

Hi @Emi_Naza

We have a native import/export plugin that you can use to move content from one OJS installation to another but it helps tremendously if the OJS versions are the same, and there is still no way to migrate the workflow and editorial history. You can only migrate published articles and issues.