Multiple Annoucements/Issues on Landing Page

Are there settings somewhere that would allow me to put more than one issue and/or more than one announcement on the landing page?

Right now we have two “current” issues: The usual yearly issue and a special issue from a conference. It would be nice to include them both on the landing page.

Similarly, there’s more than one announcement we’d like to put on the landing page (the fact that this block is called “Announcements” (plural) suggests that this, at least, is possible, but I can’t find the setting.)

The journal, BTW, is at

Hi @Pat_Morin,

Currently you can do that by editing Journal Setup, step 5, and entering your Homepage Content manually (e.g. copying the table of contents for both issues). If you want something more automatic, then unfortunately it’ll mean modifying the system or writing a new plugin; I’m not aware of anything yet to do that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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@Pat_Morin Regarding the announcements, you can set the number of announcements that will appear under Journal Management setup step 4.4

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Thanks, Karen and Alec.

Karen: I figured it was there somewhere, but I was looking in Step 5.

Alec: your workaround will do for now.

How do I include to issues icons on the home page. We would like to publish some articles online as they are released and then have another icon where the currently issue is displayed. It this possible?