Multilingual author's name

Hi, everybody.
I asked this question in another branch, however, nobody answer me.
I try to transfer my journal to OJS. We have multilingual papers.
I could not find where I can add Author’s name in different language.
Am I right, the Multilingual author names are not implemented yet?
I have very poor experience with OJS. And can not find this feature.
If I am right, could you please tell me, when it will be added?

Sincerely yours,

Hi, @Diplodok,
AFAIK, it has already been implemented. However, it is only available for those who install OJS using the git-repository (master-branch). For those who use packages, it is scheduled for 3.2, which is expected at the end of the year.

Dear @Ph_We,

Thank you for the reply.
I am not expert in git-repository. I installed from package.
However, I need in this feature.
Could you please tell me (or refer me to somebody who can tell) how can I update my installation now?

Thank you in advance,

@Diplodok read this topic. Translation of the author's name - #43 by asmecher

We have use this patch from @litvinovg. And all is working at

Georgiy helped me to make it. I have not also knowledge of got usage :slight_smile: