Moving to GSuite for e-mail, how to setup OJS correctly?

We will be moving our e-mail management to the GSuite and so far I found a few problems that might/will/already happen.

  1. The From: header being filled with the e-mail address of the users is already problematic, since DMARC block those they never arrive if the user sending the e-mail has an yahoo address. I think this is not according to the RFC, and is problematic in many ways, as I already perfomed a few tests and those e-mails from Yahoo accounts never arrive.

  2. We will probably be required to use noreply when sending automated e-mails, how can this be done in OJS? And would that work with GSuite (I heard that it rewrites the from header in its STMP).

  3. Can OJS work using Reply-to? That could be a solution, I think, but I don’t know much about the internals of e-mail delivering.