Moving software ojs3.1. and the data file to webhosting

Please help…

I have built an asmi ibm e-journal (ojs 3.1.1) which consists of seven journals that are on localhost (http: // localhost / journal /) on my desktop computer.

Can anyone help me with the steps to move the ojs software and file data to webhosting into a subdomain ( )( so that I can work to develop the journal via the subdomain

oh yeah, I’m from Indonesia and frankly I really don’t know how to do it, thanks for the help

Best regards,

Aristarkus Didimus Rumpak

Hi @didimus,

You can more or less follow the upgrade procedure:, except DB upgrade at the end (if you have the same OJS versions).


  • install OJS on the hosted server
  • migrate all required data from local system to the hosted server
  • note merging the config.ini.php file

Regards, Primož