Moving sidebar to right on OJS main/home pages

I have OJS setup to host two journals. I can easily use custom css sheets and themes to setup the journals as I like, but I am having trouble getting the home pages for OJS (user home, about, etc) to look correctly. I have uploaded a custom style sheet to do most of the heavy listing, but one of the things I really want is the sidebar on the left hand side. I can’t find any easy way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Sheardin,

You don’t need to use CSS to change where the sidebar components will be. You can access the step 5 journal setup page, logged in as a manager user, and you can define the place for the blocks on the side bar. You can move everything from right to left there.


Hi Bruno, Sorry for the confusion. I was just stating that I was using the custom CSS for most of my needs and it was working well. I have used Step 5 to setup the sidebar for each individual journal but see no way to do this for the default home pages - about the site, user home, etc. There is only a one page setup for those pages and it deals mainly with graphics and titles. Thanks!

No, my bad. I think that all block plugins in OJS are context specific. So you don’t see them on site level pages, like the ones you are pointing here. Can you share your installation URL?


Hi Bruno,
Here is the base page -Peer-Reviewed Journals for Faculty, Staff, and Faculty Developers
It is still very much a work in progress, but the basics are there.
Thanks for your help!


It took me some time but now I got it. :slight_smile:

There’s no way to manage block plugins on site level, as you noticed. But you can run this sql query to move them all to left as you want:

UPDATE plugin_settings SET setting_value = '1' WHERE setting_name = 'context' AND plugin_name LIKE '%blockplugin' AND journal_id = 0;

This will change ALL your block plugin site level context settings to left. If you don’t want to do for all blocks, just use plugin_name = ‘pluginNameHere’ other than LIKE.

After applying this query, delete your settings cache:

rm -f cache/*.php

And everything should be on left now. :smile:


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Genius! Thanks so much! I will try that this afternoon or tomorrow.

Tnx Much for your help! but can i ask questions out of pkp please ?

Not sure what you mean… you mean things not about PKP? If so, you would need to post them to another forum as this on is for PKP products.

@beghelli @sheardln Hey guys I’m trying to recreate what you have laid out here. I ran the query in my sql and cleared the cache on my server and computer the sidebar hasn’t moved. I’m on ojs 2.4 would that cause an issue? I’m also looking for the template for the sidebar is there one?

@beghelli @sheardln I figured out what you meant about clearing your cache now. I went into the ojs files and did what you said and the sidebar moved for me thank you!

Hey! Sorry for the late response. Glad you got it figured out and your sidebar is where you want it. I created custom css for the look I wanted so not aware of any templates.