Most Read Articles block plugin not in Plugin Gallery?

Hi, I have a simple question…

the Most Read Articles block plugin there is not available on the Plugin Gallery?

the unique way to install it by downloading it from

I am using the OJS



Hi @t4x0n,

I can’t find reference to the plugin in the plugin gallery xml file (which includes all plugins found in the plugin gallery):

I don’t think that it is in the plugin gallery. As the developer @ajnyga, might be able to speak to this and whether or not there is plans to get it into the plugin gallery.

PKP Team

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Hi, yes it’s not in the gallery. I will think about which plugins I will continue to maintain during autumn when we prepare our 3.3 upgrade, but most likely this one will be included since many of our journals use it as well. That means I will try to get it to the gallery as well.


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