More on emails: is it possible to send a saved email to a registered user

I would like to resend the welcome message to a new user, but there does not seem possible.
When you email a user, it appears as you can only type a new message and not select one of the saved emails.

You can create mail template and send it as many times as you want to registered users.

Hi, Vedran, thank you for your reply. When I have a user and select send email, I can only type a NEW email here. Do I need to create a new template(s) to be used for this purpose?
For example, if I wanted to send log in credentials to an existing user, I should I do it?
I fear there is some setting in the main config of our site which is not either complete or correct.
If you can send me screenshots of you can do, I will compare it to my options.
Thank you,

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Is you scenario the following:
The user lost password and asked you to send it again.
You want to go to Users and click on Email below username and in form for sending mails click on some dropdown and choose template and send mail?

Surely, I think that it should not be big problem to add option to insert tags such as username, password etc. to the mail and thus enable you to communicate in a more efficient way. For example, I write several templates and copy paste them when needed instead of typingnew. I copy them from Mails part and paste into editor when sending mail from Users part of settings.
If you want I can write Feature Request or we can ask some of developers to tell us how to add option to add Tags in editor when sending mails from User settings.

Hi, Vedran,

your scenario is correct. What happens is that I do not see a list of mails I can use, but blank template. I send you a couple of screenshots. Does the same happen to you?

As I am new to the system, I wonder if this is as it should work.

Thanks for your time!


Please check my previous mail since I edited it later on. I think that at least it should be possible to add Tags which will actually enable us to create template on the fly.
However, the best thing would be if there will be dropdown of some of templates so we can chose them.
As I Sad I wrote new templates since some of them are long and I copy them from list of templates and paste into new mails if I send them from the User settings part of interface. Actually, templates are related to some contexts i.e. editor decision etc. and the system choose templates related to that context. Well, in free from context part of the system such as option to mail user without and specific review, editing context there are no templates. But, option to insert some tags could be very helpful. One of relatively clumsy options is what I do, write template and copy it if needed and paste into that editor.
If you want let us create feature request so we can help developers to improve that. I am willing to use my test installation to test how possible improvements work.

Hello Vedran,
this is a very useful reply. I think you do the best thing, that is save templates out of the system, including tags, and then paste into a new email as required. It is a pity that you cannot choose from your configured templates, as it is a bonus to be able to send email to any user in the system so easily.
I would have a few suggestions regarding correspondence, starting from a list of what the available tags are and what they refer to.
I am very new to OJS, but I was a power user in Editorial Manager, fostering some of their new features… :slight_smile:
Thanks deeply for your help!


I saved templates within the system creating new templates so I do not depend on whether I do have my laptop with me or not. I copy/paste all within OJS. Thh difference is that I cannot choose template from some list of templates but rather go to Settings/Workflow/Mails instead of supposedly some list of templates.
As far as tags are concerned that are available in some cases I think that those tabs can be made available. Someone of developers can suggest us what to change in code and that should be available.
If you want we can create some feature requests for developers so they can consider including those features in future releases.